Personal. Fun. Effective.

TutorMad prides itself on personal, fun and effective tutoring from academically outstanding students. We believe that learning is an extremely important and personal experience for people of all ages. It is not just about understanding the subject but having the right mentality, environment and revision habits that best suit you.

Why choose TutorMad? 

Personalised Teaching

We all experience the world in unique ways, and with that comes variation in the ways we learn best. That is why we provide tutors with curated learning plans that they can prescribe to students depending on their learning styles and their current academic ability. These have been proven to yield great results!


Young, Talented and Understanding: 

All tutors have received the highest grades in their subjects with many going to study at Top Universities. Having recently taken their GCSEs or A-levels, our youthful tutors have a more intricate understanding of GCSE and KS3 subjects than other tutors who may be more distant from the exam process. This way, TutorMad has greater insight into what exactly students are going through. 



We don’t solely focus on learning content but help students find balance in their life to become efficient learners. This way our tutors can also be seen as young mentors. Managing stress, exercising, keeping hydrated and concentrating intensively for short periods: we take everything into account.


Flexible and Hassel Free

We deliver tutoring over a range of platforms and all booking and payments are easy, flexible and quick.

Meet the Team

Samuel Nicklin

" Supportive, effective and passionate maths tutor"



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Maddie Clark


"A keen economist and budding actress who is always ready to explore new ideas"


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The Tutors:

Abby Hutt
Maths,Science and History

"Aspiring medical student, with lots of determination and innovative ideas."



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Molly Skiel

"If I’m not practising music you’ll find me in maths or science land; basically I am a learnaholic."


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Emily Davies
Chemistry, Biology
History and Geography

"Inquisitive scientist and a competitive athlete with a versatile and enthusiastic approach to learning."


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Ellie Patterson

"Ambitious aspiring medic, mad scientist and music enthusiast!"


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Chloe Nicklin
English and Ucas
"Supportive and experienced Oxford student with a love for teaching"

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Olive Jamiesonbown

"Young actor and playwright with a fascination for creativity and words."


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Lottie Heuser

" University student helping other students find their passion for sport science and achieve top grades." 


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Harry Dennis
Geography and P.E

" Passionate about helping you reach your goals in P.E. and geography"


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Sophie Triptree
Geography and English

" An aspiring journalist and keen geographer who loves organisation and helping other people. "


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Elizabeth Rogers
Maths and Physics

" Aspiring mathematician hoping to help you achieve success. "


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Millie Bowater
Biology and Chemistry

" Enthusiastic and dependable university student with a passion for biology"


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Amber Cooper

" Published, post-grad biologist keen to support and encourage the learning of others. "


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