Personal. Fun. Effective.

TutorMad prides itself on personal, fun and effective tutoring from academically outstanding students. We believe that learning is an extremely important and personal experience for people of all ages. It is not just about understanding the subject but having the right mentality, environment and revision habits that best suit you.

Why choose TutorMad? 

Personalised Teaching

We all experience the world in unique ways, and with that comes variation in the ways we learn best. That is why we provide tutors with curated learning plans that they can prescribe to students depending on their learning styles and their current academic ability. These have been proven to yield great results!


Young, Talented and Understanding: 

All tutors have received the highest grades in their subjects with many going to study at Top Universities. Having recently taken their GCSEs or A-levels, our youthful tutors have a more intricate understanding of GCSE and KS3 subjects than other tutors who may be more distant from the exam process. This way, TutorMad has greater insight into what exactly students are going through. 



We don’t solely focus on learning content but help students find balance in their life to become efficient learners. This way our tutors can also be seen as young mentors. Managing stress, exercising, keeping hydrated and concentrating intensively for short periods: we take everything into account.


Flexible and Hassel Free

We deliver tutoring over a range of platforms and all booking and payments are easy, flexible and quick.

Meet the Team

Samuel Nicklin

" Supportive, effective and passionate maths tutor"



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Hi! I'm Samuel and I cofounded TutorMad with Maddie. I went to Borlase and studied Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths there for A-Level. I also ran the maths society during my time there and rowed competitively. I have a good deal of tutoring experience and find great joy in guiding students to top grades. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, listening to music and playing sports. Next year I will be studying maths and economics at the London School of Economics. I believe I  can be of great help to you whether you're looking to claim that top spot in your year or just improve your confidence with maths.

Maddie Clark


"A keen economist and budding actress who is always ready to explore new ideas"


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Hi! I’m Maddie, co-founder of TutorMad. I am a previous student at Queen Anne’s School where I studied Maths, Economics, History and was head of Drama and Current Affairs. Both these roles have taught me a lot about mentoring and teaching students of all ages. I am hoping to study PPE at Durham University with a Drama Scholarship. When I am not studying, I spend most of my time performing, putting on plays or playing netball. I love finding new economic concepts and recently have taken part in an Investment Banker programme to continue to expand my understanding of economics. My passion for economics is great for encouraging those who aren’t particularly keen and for stretching those who are looking to achieve top grades.


The Tutors:

Abby Hutt
Maths,Science and History

"Aspiring medical student, with lots of determination and innovative ideas."



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Hi! I’m Abby, I’m an aspiring medic and I'm currently studying maths, chemistry and biology for A level. I managed to achieve all A*s in my GCSEs and have experience tutoring all of my A-Level subjects as well as others too! Although I do consider myself a scientist, one of my greatest passions is drama and anything creative. I try to make tutoring fun, engaging and hopefully interesting.

Molly Skiel

"If I’m not practising music you’ll find me in maths or science land; basically I am a learnaholic."


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Hi, my name is Molly, and I am a yr11 student at Queen Anne’s School. I have chosen to study maths, further maths, chemistry and biology at A level, having already completed my Music A-level.  My main passion is music, and I spend most of the time practising my instruments.  My love for learning has led me to pick up French and Swahili, along with some philosophy. I have completed my maths IGCSE and further maths GCSE achieving grade 9 in both; I have also completed most of the maths A level syllabus. I believe this maths experience has put me in a good position to be able to help other students working towards achieving their maths GCSE.

Emily Davies
Chemistry, Biology
History and Geography

"Inquisitive scientist and a competitive athlete with a versatile and enthusiastic approach to learning."


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Having taken Biology, Chemistry and History for A-level I now hold a place to start studying Biological Sciences at Edinburgh university starting 2020. I excelled in all of my GCSE’s achieving 9 A*’s and one A. I am currently a coxswain, and so I am in charge of helping my coaches with all of the rowers, both my age and younger, at my school. I have worked with kids my entire life, I was a gymnastic coach for children aged 4-16 and worked in a Shetland Pony Club teaching children from ages 2-11. In addition I babysit a lot and often help younger children at my school with their homework (as well as having three younger siblings to help) and so I am very experienced in teaching lots of different children a variety of subjects and skills. 

Ellie Patterson

"Ambitious aspiring medic, mad scientist and music enthusiast!"


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Hello, my name is Ellie. I'm just finishing Year 13 at Queen Anne’s School. Having studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths for A-Level, I have firmed a place at Imperial College to study Medicine. I sat both the BMAT and UCAT, both of which I can offer advice on. My big passion is the human body and medicine, but I also play the cello and have been a big part of my music department at school. For me, in science, it's been absolutely vital for my understanding that I go away and research how a concept fits in with other material I've learnt. I also realise that there can never be one single way to understand something and so I'd love to work with you to work out what way of learning best suits you.

Chloe Nicklin
English and Ucas
"Supportive and experienced Oxford student with a love for teaching"

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Hi! I’m Chloe, and I’m a current student at Oxford University studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Before that, I was a student at Borlase, and in my time there I spent a lot of time involved in sports such as rowing, and in the performing arts, and so learned a lot about teaching and coaching students of all ages. I student mentored GCSE biology, where all of my students achieved at least an A in their final exams. 


In my time at Oxford, I have continued tutoring and coaching. Last Easter, I tutored an A-Level English student, and helped her achieve one of only two A grades in the subject at her school.  I am also able to provide insight and help when it comes to University admissions, especially Oxbridge admissions, personal statements and interview prep.

Olive Jamiesonbown

"Young actor and playwright with a fascination for creativity and words."


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Hi! I'm Olive, a former student at Hurtwood House and I am hoping to attend Bristol University to read English in September. As an English enthusiast, I am expected to achieve an A* in English A-Level following a 100% mark in my coursework. Additionally, I achieved a grade 9 in both English Literature and Language at GCSE. But, I don't spend all my time reading books. Recently, I directed an original play, written myself, and am currently working on writing for a radio show. I have experience teaching a wide range of ages from directing my own age group to assisting a youth theatre club for ages 7-11 for two years. I can't wait to help you with your English journey!

Lottie Heuser

" University student helping other students find their passion for sport science and achieve top grades." 


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Hi, I’m Lottie. I am currently in my first year at The University of Exeter studying Human Bioscience, a combined degree in sport science and biology. I studied both GCSE PE where I got an A* and A Level PE gaining an A at Sir William Borlase. After my degree I hope to further my passion for sport science and go into a career in Sports Medicine.

Harry Dennis
Geography and P.E

" Passionate about helping you reach your goals in P.E. and geography"


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I am 18 years old and have just completed sixth form at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, I intend to study Geography at the University of Leeds next year. I am passionate about teaching and have previous experience in tutoring both of my specialist subjects (Geography and PE), having also achieved a grade 9 at GCSE in both subjects. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you as we work together to achieve your academic goals.

Sophie Triptree
Geography and English


Hi! My name is Sophie and I am in year 12. I studied at Queen Anne’s for 5 years and achieved 9 A* and 1 A in my GCSEs. I moved to Borlase for sixth form and am studying A Level English Literature, Geography and Psychology. I love anything theatrical- I take speech and drama lessons and I also love to play tennis! I have helped a number of students at school with their work and through this, I have experienced a number of different approaches to learning and I have also grown to love helping others. I would consider myself to be highly organised, and I’d love to help other students with this in order for them to reach their full potential and achieve the best possible grades.

" An aspiring journalist and keen geographer who loves organisation and helping other people. "


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Elizabeth Rogers
Maths and Physics


Hi, I'm Lizzie. I am a year 13 student at Queen Anne's studying maths, further maths, physics and classics. I achieved an A* in both maths and further maths at GCSE. I also received an A* in all three sciences and geography so will be happy to tutor in a range of subjects. Outside of school, I am a keen dancer and enjoy helping as a young leader with my local rainbow and brownie unit so am happy to work with a range of ages. I look forward to being able to help you understand the subject and achieve high grades in future exams.'.

" Aspiring mathematician hoping to help you achieve success. "


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Millie Bowater
Biology and Chemistry
millie headshot.jpg


Hi my name is Millie, and I am a first year Biochemistry student at the University of Exeter. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths A-Level, achieving A*AA with the A* in Biology. I have experience tutoring younger students at Queen Anne’s and students in my local area, as well as teaching Biology classes in Uganda to GCSE pupils during a volunteering expedition. Through these experiences I have learnt that each individual has a different way of problem solving and learning, and it excites me to help you find the best way that suits you. I also play a lot of sport (mainly lacrosse and tennis) and do a lot of music (playing the clarinet).

" Enthusiastic and dependable university student with a passion for biology"


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Amber Cooper


 Hi I’m Amber!  I’m a published Biology post-graduate at the University of Bristol. I am currently finishing my MSc by research, specialising in vector-borne disease. I have worked as a demonstrator which includes marking undergraduate work and teaching in laboratories. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-level in addition to Physics AS at Queen Anne’s School. Working hard must always be balanced with a little play hard and I have loved my roles of Social Secretary and team captain at the UoB Lacrosse Club this past year. I am immensely passionate about science and I would love to help others to enjoy learning these subjects while achieving their academic goals.  

" Published, post-grad biologist keen to support and encourage the learning of others. "


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