Full Package Tutoring

This is our most popular tutoring service, perfect for students who want to focus on both exam-technique and understanding content. 

What this service includes:

  • One-to-one sessions focused on developing the students understanding of the subject, exam technique and helping the student be the most effective learner they can be. 

  • Curated study plan which is modified depending on:

    • What grade you want to achieve.

    • How long until your exams.

    • Your learning style.

    • What topics you struggle with.

  • Exam tips.

  • A detailed guide to pre-exam routines used by top students across the country.

  • Various revision techniques that help make revision more efficient and enjoyable.

  • A tutor that is not only there to teach, but also acting as a mentor providing help with the student's studies as well as their lifestyle, revision habits and stress. 

How to Book

If this is the course for you, head to our booking page to choose which subject you want a tutor for.

When you meet your tutor they will ask what type of service you would like, please specify the Full Package Tutoring.