This tutoring service is perfect for students who mainly struggle with exam technique be that timings, writing style, or how to answer application questions.  

What this service includes:

  • One-to-one sessions focused specifically on exam technique such as going through past papers together or specific questions that bother you.

  • Curated study plan which is modified depending on :

    • What exam technique you struggle with most.

    • How long until your exams.

    • Your learning style. 

  • Exam tips.

  • A detailed Pre-Exam routine used by many top students.

  • Various revision techniques that help make revision efficient. 

How to Book

If this is the course for you, head to our booking page to choose which subject you want a tutor for.

When you meet your tutor they will ask what type of service you would like, please specify the Grade Booster Service.